About Us

Do you know someone with special needs? A family member? A friend? If you do, the odds are that you have come to learn that the word “special” in this case doesn’t mean “different,” it means something much, much more. These individuals, each with their own specific needs, have the capacity to change any and all lives for the better.

Their selfless examples and the bright rays of hope emanating from their souls serve as a beacon to any and all who take the time to look. Each of us has our own story of how these precious individuals have impacted our lives, and with how much they give and teach us about compassion, courage, and the love of life, who’s to say we can’t give something back?

This question has become the driving force behind what is now the Miss Radiant Pageant, a beauty pageant that provides young women with any physical and/or mental disability, ages 8 and up, with the opportunity to see how beautiful they really are, inside and out.

This idea originated when four childhood friends, Michelle Rogers, Kim Johnson, Corrie Kraatz, and Shelly Franklin, came together and began discussing how they could make a difference in the lives of those with special needs, particularly young women. Over the course of conversation, the idea of a beauty pageant held in honor of these extraordinary girls began to become a reality.

This pageant isn’t an experience intended to end with the toll of midnight, rather it is a day that can provide powerful perspective to all involved, mom’s included, to help these girls to go on living with an understanding of who they really are: a princess in every sense of the word.

Our goal is to create a memorable experience that will not soon be forgotten, and did we mention that there is no pageant fee? We hope to provide a day allowing each girl to feel as special as they truly are. And don’t worry Mom, we believe that you deserve a little something special too!

Every girl deserves to feel like royalty, and here at the Miss Radiant Pageant, you are.